: Demon Moon (The Guardians, Book 2) (): Meljean Brook: Books. Demon Moon (Guardians, book 4) by Meljean Brook – book cover, description, publication history. Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only.

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Demon Moon

Savi is smart, curious and refuses to brood. Other than that, the foggy purple background shading the extremely full moon with the hint of bare branches forms the background with a moon woman wearing a most interesting leather mini and lace-up cropped bustier in the arms of a blond wearing skintight riding pants and boots. Instead she had Lilith and Hugh waiting for Savi and the reader to laugh at us.

She’s also completely disconnected from her body, and to some extent, from her emotions due to a childhood trauma. She still tended to leave some things kind of obscure, I suppose assuming the reader could figure it out. The conflict between Savi and Colin, and the major thing that threatens their HEA was perfectly done.

Deadly creatures from the realm of Choas herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde and Colin and Saitri’s bond is their only protection and their only passion. But they stayed in the background and the brolk focus was on Colin and Savi.


They had to work their way through tough situations and emotions, and it was well worth it! That gap between him and human society really came across in some scenes. Instead, he helps himself to anyone he desires.

Demon Moon – Meljean Brook – Google Books

This was a beautiful story, but one of the things that I really loved about it was the non-standard characters. Not bad, just not truly compelling.

I never felt that Meljean wrote in dialogue or actions that did not hold melljean or give life to the story. Even in death, I will love you. I love paranormal romance. That’s one of the reasons that I intend to continue this series.

Retro Review: Demon Moon by Meljean Brook

He disappeared a moment later. I just can’t stop. Lots of build in the tension and steamy payoff. She’s a mljean genius who relies on her intelligence to get her out of the situations she finds herself in.

Colin, the vampire, is slutty and vain and funny, but also completely self-aware and self-possessed and self-confident. For me, this book is all of those in one. But pull it off she did.

But Colin can’t transform Savi and if Savi was otherwise transformed, he could never feed her. Then, wathing her with an expression fo surprise, as if she’d done something beyond his understanding, he set her feet on the floor. Complicating matters further, she can never become a vampire because of her new blood taint.


The heroine is half Indian, and the hero is vain and selfish. I want to enjoy this series more than I currently am, the combination of Colin and Savi is vibrant and their sex scenes are absolutely scorching, however I’m having a lot of troubles with meljeann pacing of the Demon series.

This is not a lighthearted romance; instead there is gore, very over-the-top eroticism, and monsters like those you were told of as children who could be hiding in your closet.

After reading romance for so long, it’s hard to find a book that can do this for you much less do it for you three times over. Colin tells Savi about his sister and Anthony and how they “died”: I loved the heroine, Savi and just adored the hero, Colin, despite or perhaps because of his many faults.

Did I mention Colin? Quotes from Demon Moon. She is a computer whiz and a young woman who xemon may think lacks I just expect her to break and call in the warranty.