The first edition of Core Data by Marcus Zarra was the book I turned to when I wanted to learn Core Data. Whilst it is still a great book it was. Threading in today’s Core Data is radically different from its original In this talk from #Pragma Conference , Marcus Zarra presents the. Core Data in Swift. by Marcus S. Zarra. Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf. Release Date: June ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading.

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I was living in a bubble of our development teams. If you treat them as hard errors with a call to abort, for example you will be able to test for them more easily and your error handling code becomes far less complex. Queues are fascinating because they work exactly the same as threads, except for when we write our code wrong, and they protect us from ourselves, which is cool. Should it be user-only? Maintainability is just out the window. Marcus has a profound understanding of Core Data, and this book describes not only the basics of working with Core Data, but also how sata do so in a performant manner, with explanations and examples.

Finally, we decide where the rest of the User Interface code goes.

Core Data in Swift

We have a debug flag now that allows us to at least confirm that we got the threading right. That is such terrible advice. The focus of my talks for is the Core Data stack.

The User Interface is designed to run on a single thread and therefore using additional NSManagedObjectContext instances is unnecessary and creates problems.


Core Data Threading Demystified

I have a significantly different design that I spoke about a couple of years ago. What, though, is adta safe Swift way of handling this? Once that was done, I was able to add the daya to the team and could continue on. This year, with the release of Swiftthere are some pretty radical changes. It’s intricate, powerful, and necessary–and this book is your guide to harnessing its power. We are now able to at least confirm if we got our threading right or wrong.

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Threading should be solving those poor user experiences. To me, this is an indication that many dataa have lost the perspective on what should and what should not be in a view controller. The issue with this design is the large amount of code.

I agree with the wording of this rule but I suspect the meaning is different. Notice we also have an address property that points to a dictionary. It is code that I can look at with a cup of coffee, and understand it before I finish the cup of coffee.

Is there anything wrong with Realm? Use Core Data as a local cache I agree with the wording of this rule but I suspect the meaning is different.

This works perfectly and is a fine replacement for valueForKeyPath: If you are relatively new to Core Data, this will suit you just fine for a long time. In iOS 5, Core Data made a change.

Keep the code simple. Developed some of the most complex applications ever conceived for the iOS platform What are the options?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Welshofer rated it liked it Oct 06, Interesting reading but not essential to understanding Core Data.


Finally, we declare an internal method that will do the initialization of the Core Data stack. Adding threads to an application is a design decision, and if we make that decision at the 11th hour before shipping, we picked the wrong time. Core Zarra is your object model, not a thin wrapper around a database. Therefore, we should have a context dedicated to the user and dedicated to giving them the truth. Threading is not a silver bullet. I wish I’d read this book 6 months ago.

Generally, fastest is going to be some of the ugliest, nastiest code on the planet.

Core Data by Marcus Zarra

For more info about our business model, feel free to check our pricing pageor contact us if you have any questions! If you are not familiar with my experience, here are a few highlights: Final Comments You can buy the dead-tree version of the book from the usual places but I prefer to get the ebook version direct from the pragprog.

Ebooks are You just can’t give them to other people or sell them. So, Apple had to do a paradigm shift in how they were approaching the frameworks and APIs. There was an error zadra your subscription.

Core Data by Marcus Zarra

Doing just these three things will solve most performance problems with Core Data. Datta Data in Swift: Recently, I saw a post from Dave DeLong and knowing his history with the framework I read it with extreme curiosity.

It writes to disk.